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Uniiband, Inc.

Uniiband, Inc.


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Uniiband, Inc. is a leading technology company specializing in wireless IP network products and solutions for Security System Integrators deploying video surveillance cameras.

Our flagship line of products include a broad range of wireless radios, antennas, solar, and light-pole power converters which work together to form the communication and power infrastructure needed to deploy video cameras throughout remote locations.

At Uniiband, we understand that technology should be easy to deploy and seamlessly work with little to no maintenance. That is why we assist our customers with network design, site surveys and product selection to meet their specific video surveillance requirements.

In addition to our design and engineering support, Uniiband delivers our equipment pre-programmed and labeled according to the design map showing where each radio is located. Installation is literally plug-in-play following the designed map for each job site.

At any time during installation or many years after, our support team will be here to assist you via remote desktop support for testing, optimization, diagnostics or troubleshooting to ensure initial or ongoing performance of all your Uniiband products.

Connect with us on your next video surveillance project. We’ll provide the design, equipment list and quote for your next bid.


Dale Albright
President & CEO

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